SIDAREC Mukuru Kwa Njenga, Sustainable Resource Center

Nairobi, Kenya

Competition Project
AMD Open Architecture Challenge, 2008
Second Place

The SIDAREC Mukuru Kwa Njenga Resource Center is the heart of the neighborhood, designed to bring dignity and a sense of pride to the community and a place where people will gather to play, study and learn.

The building and the site are integrated to maximize the functionality. Sustainability is the guiding principal. The building is designed to have a flexible floor plan so that future programmatic changes can be easily implemented. The building and site produce its own energy with photovoltaic panels and wind turbines. They are designed to be naturally ventilated and day-lighted. Rain water is collected on site, compost is used to fertilize the orchard, and plants are grown that provide food, shade and medicine.


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