The main design strategy for this second story addition/remodel is to improve the existing plan by creating a more contemporary and environmentally responsive design. The existing first floor was opened up to provide a larger living room and kitchen and to increase the amount of natural light and ventilation throughout the house. The design incorporates the following environmental green building techniques:

This home is 52% more efficient than the average new California home and features:
• Quality Insulation Installation (Q.I.I.),
• high efficiency appliances,
• Energy Star lighting package,
• 4kw solar panel system,
• natural heating and cooling,
• natural daylighting and
• 95% LED lighting
• large overhangs.

This project conserves water and prevents stormwater runoff from leaving the site using:
• 2 cisterns collect 800 gallons of rainwater
• vegetated swales were designed and built
• 84% permeable surfaces + 16% impermeable surfaces directed to infiltration features= 100%
• graywater recycling system
• 91% native, drought-tolerant plants.

This project minimizes waste and use of raw materials and eliminates toxins by:
• 100yr old existing 2 x 4s re-used to make door jambs and stairs
• existing floor was preserved
• construction waste was recycled
• only sustainable materials were selected
• biodegradable waste will be composted