Topanga, CA

The 1909 is located in the heart of the Topanga National Park, hidden under the canopy of protected California oak trees, and nourished by the sacred waters of Topanga Creek. Duvivier Architects originally designed the building and the site for Los Angeles Shakespeare Academy, a performance art school and library. It was designed to draw reference to the original birth house of William Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Due to the nature of the sensitive hillside habitat adjacent to a creek and a national park, it was sensible to integrate the building into the hill. From the street you can barely see the two story structure.

In has since been converted to a public gathering space to provide a unique platform for social and business events, and designed with special attention to the needs of those desiring elements of calm and harmony in their gatherings. It is used by local and regional groups for wedding, yoga and cooking classes and photoshoots.

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