Culver City, CA

1200 SF Single-Family Home (923 SF Existing Home + 263 SF New)
660 SF New ADU

Lonicera is also known as a honeysuckle, which is a flower containing edible berries, and attracts wildlife. Like the flower that grows symmetrically in pairs, the Lonicera house addition and ADU emphasize a pair of jewel like spaces designed to integrate the existing home and the new ADU into the natural world outside. The public places in the house, such as the kitchen and dining room were remodeled and a new living room was added with the goal of creating a more contemporary open design, that increases the amount of natural light and ventilation throughout the house. A new two-story ADU was added to the rear of the property, which complements the design of the existing house, takes advantage of the southern exposure, and has amazing views. It was also designed to allow a better connection between indoors and outdoors by creating access to the large rear garden.

Designed for a creative couple with two children and several chickens, the Lonicera House provides ample space for the family to socialize, grow vegetables, and room for both kids and chickens to run wild.

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