Los Angeles, CA

1500 SF Single-Family Home (850 SF Existing + 650 SF New)

The Port Residence is a two story addition to an existing single family dwelling that overlooks the port of Los Angeles. Located on a steep hill, the Port Residence’s topography plays an important role in determining the cascading expansive entry. The rear of the house is large open backyard that integrates with the compact floor plan. Our goal was to use as much of its existing framing material to reduce the building’s impact on wood resources. Like a house on a cliff, the many high windows provided uninterrupted views of Port activities, even in this dense residential neighborhood. The 2 bedroom interior provides room for a larger common space within the house floor plan. The house is full of sustainable features with affixed solar panels and greywater retention system. The permeable surfaces and fruit trees all serve to minimize the home’s ecological footprint.

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